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We can't thank you enough Damel Bully home for such a wonderful puppy!  As first time dog owners we had some reservations at first, but Nayar has been an amazing puppy right from that initial car ride home! She cuddled up with the kids and immediately made a spot in all of our hearts. Right from the very first night, she slept in her crate without a peep and woke in the morning without a single accident! Thank you so much for scenting her towel with her mum's familiar smell. I think that was a huge help!  At only 3 months now, Nayar is already so smart, she quickly learned within the first few weeks to navigate stairs, her leash and had learned the commands sit, come, stay and down. She was a breeze to house train with very few accidents. She always watches us very closely and is constantly eager to please with an incredibly sweet and energetic personality. I can't tell you how many compliments we get on both her looks and her behavior whenever we take her out. People are constantly stopping to greet her and she immediately rolls over for her much beloved belly rubs!! She has has made many friends within our neighborhood and is constantly eager to greet new people and other dogs! Everyone always asks where we got such a beautiful dog and we very proudly tell VIP Bully home.
23-01-2019, Zack, Ohio.

From your knowledgeable and patient expertise in answering all our questions, your lovely baby pups, your very reasonable prices and to the obvious love and care you have for your dogs, we couldn't imagine another breeder as perfect as you.  Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family. We would do it all over again in a heartbeat! She really is "Good as Gold"!"
With very warm regards and sincere thanks,
Joanne, Cam, Hannah, Matthew, and Chloe. 2018

"This was my first time picking a puppy from a breeder. I have met other breeders but none quite like Damel Bully home. His facility was very clean and warm for the puppies. Both parents were on site which was very important for me to see how healthy they were also. Allinston answered my questions and taught me a lot about puppy care. He did not rush me off once I bought my puppy. Instead he encouraged me to take my time picking out my pup and asking any questions that I might have had. The questions came later, once I got home. Damel bully breeder was gracious enough to answer my emails of questions. The puppies were both healthy and happy as evidenced by their lovely personalities. You can not go wrong choosing a puppy from Damel Bully home
Christine 2018

"Damel BULLY home expertise in the breed was evident as he was able to answer all of our questions. He explained everything we needed to know about being a new pet owner. We were impressed with the living conditions of the pups with adequate space for each dog. It was reassuring to see the parents of the pups and how well they were treated. The pedigree was described to us proving he was a pure breed. vip breeder communications via phone and email were very helpful as we lived far away. Our new pup 'Max' was well worth the drive . We are very happy with our choice.
Dave & Theresa 2019 New York.

It’s been 3 weeks now. She is doing great! She is such a smart doggy She is learning new commands almost everyday. I just taught her to“shake.” She is becoming my daughter’s best friend. They just play for hours running back and forth through our house, in and out of the rooms. But Mykah just gets giggling so hard and Paige just keeps playing with her. Its so cute, Paige will bump Mykah and Mykah will fall down, then Paige falls down next to her and rolls over on her back and will lay there ’til Mykah gets up. We’re really happy with her! Thank you so much!
–FRITZ 2018 Ontario Canada.

Just a quick note to thank you for taking the time to listen to what we wanted in a dog. We feel that your personalized service was perfect for our needs. Yuska is the best dog ever! She is so well behaved in the house. She loves to go to work with George during the day. The girls have been playing lots of Frisbee with her . She is adjusting very well. She is even getting along with Star the chihuahua! She is a perfect fit for our family!! We will definitely call you when we are ready for another dog. keep in touch. Thanks for everything,”).
JESSIE 2019 Texas.

The other day our family brought home our newest LOVE!!! It has been forever since we had a puppy in the house. (We had our last dog for 12years before he got a brain tumor). We named our little guy Theo.  He is soooooooo much fun and the sweetest little boy EVER! He had the best little personality and is just so stink cute!  Omg we are so inlove! Especially our 4 year old who loves to snuggle with him at nap time..
THE JACOBS 2019 West Virginia.





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